Just Add Flak!

Flak Classic Business Edition is OUT!  Be a Pro - Manage Your SSL Certificates and Encrypt You Files! Strong Authentication without Passwords!

We help users and companies to protect computer-held data against damaging breaches by securing mobile workers’ digital keys, passwords and certificates in a safe, separate hardware environment.We manufacture Flak security USB dongles (secuters), licence our technologies (OEM) and offer premuim services and 3rd party applications via Flak Store. Dongles are based on a dedicated Flak chipset hardware and Se(curit)OS firmware.

Flak platform provides the customers with a modern, fast, versatile, and low budget solution for improving data, network, endpoint security, and security management. 

What is inside Flak?

Secured Hardware

  Dual Core Processor with  2 OS inside (Linux based)

  Common Criteria 5+
  OEM Possibility

Secured Memory

  Keys, certificates,  passwords - are always stored and operated on in secured memory


  Steam anitivirus from  Kaspersky
  Various 3rd party applications from Flak Store and partners (such as VPN, certificates, etc.)
  File encryption for multiple Flak users
  Authentication as hardware security key in Google, DropBox
  3 FREE Secure Connections (VPNs) to choose from / corporate VPN
  LogMe – Authentication on web sites by SSL certificates, stored in Flak; Certificates Management on Flak

Thanks to the great combination or robust and secure hardware and software we have a device which in reality does something simple and clear. It protects your connection to the cloud and authenticates you with a certificate. Check out our new coming soon feature - certificates management.


  OK, you have a device, but how does it actually work?

How does it work?

A small example of Flak in action, when you are using it as a USB security key in Google or DropBox. All you need to do is just gently tap on the area between the USB port and the green dF logo. The rest is magic!


Flak Devices are brought to you from the Gold Winner of Idea Challenge in Cyber Security and Privacy in 2015 by EITIdea Challenge Winner 2015

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