Flak Classic Business edition


Flak Secuter Business Edition is an all-in-one security device (security dongle or secuter), and is targeted for small and medium sized businesses and corporations. It has a much richer functionality than Home edition (such as PGP-style encryption of files on the go, corporate VPN, office access control, WEB -filtering), and gives company IT administrators more power to manage the users certificates and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Flak Classic Business Edition

Flak Classic Business edition advantages:

* The most robust security (keys and configuration files are always in encrypted form inside Flak hardware)
* Very easily managed control panel for company administrator
* No expenses for the server side (free license)
* The best solution for the BYOD
* Can be used with all of the company services (web, email, FTP, DB)
* Simple ON/OFF button for common users




More about the functionality of the device

Digital Identity Management    
With keys and certificates stored in a secured area of Flak company employees can authenticate themselves on various web and company sites.
Certificate   Certificates Management
  Certificates can be uploaded into the secured area of Flak and used for authentication on various web sites and corporate resources, which support OpenID, OAuth 2.0. More info. Can be used for digital signingCan be used with any corporate resources (web, e-mail, FTP, databases).
  Data Encryption
  Employees can encrypt their files automatically on the go.
VPN   Secured Connection / VPN   Employees get 3 standard FREE VPNs and premium VPN to choose from; upon installation of corporate VPN Server (free and open source software is used) it is also supported
  Protection from viruses
  Flak filters all the incoming and outgoing IP packets based on the specified keys, criteria and URL address values, dropping the infected IP packets
Games   Web Filtering
  Administrators can manage sites filtering, for example block access to social and entertainment sites.
Hacker   Antiphishing and data leakage prevention
  Establishing a VPN connection while on unsafe network (open WiFi) while connecting to the corporate resources would protect employees and company customers against phishing attacks and prevetn data leakage.
  Employees can establish a VPN connection to corporate resources from any of their personal devices (PC, laptop, Android tablet). There are no security requirements for the personal devices.

  2-step authentication in Google & Dropbox
  Employees can use Flak on sites which support FIDO U2F 2-step authentication (such as Google, DropBox, etc).
  NFC support
  We offer a free Flak Android SDK for company developers who want to add security to NFC enabled Android devices
  Personal Firewall
  A robust personal hardware firewall is always a nifty tool to have.
  One Flak for many devices
  Employees do not need to buy licenses for all their PCs and laptops. They can use Flak Classic with any number of devices, including tablets and smartphones.
Chat   Secured Corporate Voice chat **
  Companies can have their own internal encrypted by Flak text and voice chats
Admin   Administrator Mode**
  Companies can be given exclusive control over the keys and ceritificates in Flak. Very easily managed control panel for company administrator (white lists and revocations)
Backup   Data backup*
  It's is possible to integrate user's registration and automatic backup into existing corporate systems.
Bootup   PC Bootup*
  Administrators can manage booting process of PCs
Office   Office Access*
  It's possible to manage physical access to premises and server rooms (Mifare Classic support)
OS   Operating Systems   Full functionality of Flak is available in MS Windows 7, 8.1, 10 Home  (32 and 64 bit versions) only. Limited functionality (signing into Google, DropBox) is available for Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite and newer.
  Updates   New features come to Flak via updates. And these updates are FREE for life.
Q   Still confused?
  Check our How To.. section to see how easy it is to use Flak
Shop   Where to buy?
  Sold olny via Operators and Distributors.
  Recommended selling price is 69 Euros

 * - ask for addtional information from your vendor

** - coming soon

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Inserting Flak

Flak Installation and Flak User Guides are available on your Flak drive under the folder Manuals and also available online here.