Free Antivirus

FLAK Malware protection and firewall

Flak Secuters come with a free stream-based antivirus - free antivirus protection in real time. The main difference between stream-based and a standard antivirus is that the infected incoming internet traffic is blocked by Flak Secuter before it even reaches the PC. Stream-based antivirus solution works best if accompanied by Flak hardware firewall.

  • Let your Secuter hardware do the hard workLet your Secuter hardware do the hard work
  • World-class stream-based antivirus with a free licenseWorld-class stream-based antivirus with a free license
  • One Flak Secuter to protect all of your devicesOne Flak Secuter to protect all of your devices


One Flak Secuter is to protect all of your devices

Flak Secuter has been designed as a personal safety solution; there is no need to buy a separate Flak Secuter for each of your devices. All the software licenses on a Flak Secuter are Flak based and can be used on as many computers as possible.  No need to pay for software licenses twice if you want to run your Flak on two PCs.

Make the Secuter hardware do the hard work

Let the Flak Secuter do the hard work it has been designed for - do the traffic scanning for viruses and malware. Let Flak get to the bad guys before they get to you.

Simple On/Off Button

Switching on the Free Antivirus in a Flak Secuter is done by just clicking on an ON/OFF button. For the advanced users we offer the configuration options.

Free really means free

Flak Secuter comes with a world-class free stream-based antivirus. No hidden agenda. All functionality is available for the user without any additional licenses.

Always up to date antivirus databases

Flak Secuters use antivirus and malware databases from one of the industry leaders - Kaspersky. Databases are stored in Flak Secuter and are regularly updated.

    How it works

    • Free antivirus
    • Hardware firewall
    • Malware scan
    • DLP