Free Parental Control

Free parental control

FLAK secuters have a built-in function of a parental control. When this function is switched on, all the web sites with adult content are blocked.  Do not forget to turn this function in Flak Web on to protect your children from the various unwanted Internet threats!

Note: The databases of restricted and dangerous for children content are renewed every day and are always up-to-date.

  • Always up-to-date filtersAlways up-to-date filters
  • Block the adult sites with one clickBlock the adult sites with one click
  • Free and fastFree and fast


No impact on your PC and the speed of Internet

Activating Parental control feature on FLAK secuter will never slow down your computer like it can happen with software solutions, because all operations are executed within FLAK hardware. The same is applied to Internet connection speed. Thanks to our hardware solution, you are not going to get frustrated anymore over how slowly the pages are loading. Let Flak do the hard work!

Phishing protection

Flak Secuter comes with anti-phishing and antifraud control. FLAK will recognize the dangerous links and will block them before they would reache your computer.

Easy set-up

FLAK Web with parental control

To switch Parental Control on/off all you need to do is click on ON/OFF button in FLAK Web. Note: the children can't to switch the Parental Control off without parent authorization, the personal parent PIN-code needs to be inserted.

Compatible with all browsers

 Solution can be used with different web browsers and on different PCs and laptops. FLAK is a platform-independent portable device, so today you can use it with laptop during a flight, and tomorrow you can install it at home on child's PC.

Perfect addition to other FLAK security features

The best way to use free parental control solution is to combine it with other FLAK Secuter features. Thus you will get a personal guard to protect you and your children from various Internet threats.

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