Secured Internet

Free VPN

We aim is to provide our clients with easy to use solutions for better safety and protection in Internet.  When using a FLAK Secuter, you can be confident, that your traffic, the sites you are visiting, the files you are downloading, the emails you are reading - are just for your eyes only. Nobody else,  neither the Internet provider nor the employer, nor a hacker can get any glimpse of information about your Internet life.

Free VPN

Each FLAK Secuter comes with a Free VPN. It can be used on a PC or on NFC supported Android device.  We suggest you to use the VPN (switch on the Secure Internet function) when:

  • you are using a public WIFI,  which is not protected enough (in hotels, restaurants, airports, subways, etc.)
  • you prefer to hide the information about the web sites you are visiting. It’s mostly Internet Providers and network system administrators, who gather this kind of information
  • you prefer to hide your IP address  while surfing. Some sites owners do like to track their visitors.
  • All Internet traffic is encryptedAll Internet traffic is encrypted
  • Select Secure Gate in Europe or in USASelect Secure Gate in Europe or in USA
  • Create a FLAK-to-FLAK network connectionCreate a FLAK-to-FLAK network connection


No need to be a tech savvy

Typically when you want to establish a VPN connection on your PC you need to be a bit tech savvy. With Flak all you need to do is to select your favorite VPN from the list and click on Save.  That’s all. From this moment on your internet connection is protected! 

All the hard work is done by FLAK

Just plug in your FLAK and run the VPN. There is no need to install any additional software on your PC. There are no conflicts with existing software (even antiviirus). The performance of your computer is not affected, because all the hard work is done on FLAK and by FLAK.

 Top notch security and anonymity

All keys, certificates, configuration files are stored in the protected memory of FLAK and never leave it.

Different VPN gates to choose from

We give you the power to choose the VPN – it can be one of our free ones, or one of our Partners or you can configure the connection to your own VPN.

    How it works

    FLAK Free VPN 

    FLAK providers opportunity to use either FLAK gates for free or Premium gates from our partners or even your own gate. FLAK Secure Internet is also the best solution for small and medium business in order to provide secure remote access from any place in the world to company servers intended for employees. More information about FLAK Business Edition can be found here


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    • Can be used in business
    • Works with Android devices
    • VPN dongle
    • VPN is free