Google 2-step verification

Google 2 step verification with FLAK

Flak Secuter is simply ideal to be used as a security key in Google 2-step verification procedure.

The cyber world came recently into the realization, especially after the well-known celebrity photo hacking scandal, that password based protection of user accounts is too weak and can very be easily hacked. We as simple internet users can partially blame ourselves, because we do not tend to follow the rules to create safer passwords.

It is quite easy for someone to steal your password when:

  • you are using a simple password (just a regular name like mypassword or phrase)
  • you are using the same password for your different accounts
  • you are signing in your account a lot from public Wi-Fi
  • you are not using an antivirus and antimalware software

Using Flak Secuter as a security key in 2-step verification for Google services adds this very much needed second layer of security. And at the same time allows you to use simple and easy to remember passwords. See FIDO U2F>

Also do check this tutorial on How to start Using Flak with Google and DropBox

  • FIDO U2F compliantFIDO U2F compliant
  • Safest access to GoogleSafest access to Google
  • USB and NFC supportUSB and NFC support


Security Key

FLAK secuter is all-in-one Linux based computer developed specially for user security in Internet. Device architecture provides the most protected storage of certificates and keys which will not be available to hacker even if Flak is stealed. That's why it is much better to use FLAK security key than other method of 2-step verification.

Encrypted session

 FLAK has a strong advantage comparing with other security keys on the market. With FLAK secuter you will be verified in Google service within the secured session where all traffic is encrypted. It allows you to use solution in public WIFI networks and blocks all types of Internet attacks such as main in the middle or fishing.

Windows, Mac OS support

Whatever PC or laptop you have - you can use google 2-step verification function. FLAK is supported on MS Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 Home editions USB 2.0, Mac OS ver 10.10 Yosemite for FIDO

    How it works

    2 step verification 


    Read about FIDO U2F and watch tutorial>                       More about Flak Secuters >


    • No complicated passwords
    • FIDO U2F
    • One button sign in
    • The best security