Integration Options

Digiflak USB dongles protect computer-held data against damaging breaches by securing workers’ digital keys, passwords and certificates in a safe, separate hardware environment.

We offer various integration options for 3rd party with our Flak devices. We believe that integration with us can a) help to increase the security of your company's resources and services b) attracts more customers c) create a new sales and disctibution channel.

1. Authentication for 3rd party web services

1) LogMe Simple passwords (soon). This is a standard username/password login into sites. With the exception, that the password is stored not in the browser, but in the secure memory of the Flak. The user wouldn't not need to remember the passwords, they can be can selected from list of passwords on Flak.

2) LogMe 2 or more Factor Authentication. If a 3rd party is using FIDO U2F as 2-step verification (as Google Drive, DropBox) then we can easily integrate with this system. The key is stored in the secured area of Flak. One time passwords (HOTP and TOTP) can also be used.

3) LogMe Mutual SSL Certificate Authentication (coming soon). In this case the mutual SSL authentication of a user and the site is used. User is authenticated by client SSL certificate instead of the password and the private key is stored in the secured memory of the Flak. Private key never leaves the hardware, all the operations with it are done in the Flak. OpenID-connect, OAuth2 are supported.



2.  Licensing of 3rd party services via Flak Store

We offer our clients the possibility to purchase premium services and 3rd party applications via Flak Store.

1) Standard reseller. Users can be transferred from the Flak Store to 3rd party designated location where the services are located.

2) API Integrated reseller. If a 3rd party offers an API for sales (Linux or PHP based), then we can integrate this directly inside our Flak store. User would buy the Product directly from the Flak store (we bill the user and 3rd party would bill us).


3.  Integration of our software hardware technology with 3rd party hardware

Our know-how and our hardware software technology can be integrated into 3rd party hardware solutions. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Contact us if you are interested in any of the integration options described above.