LogMe | Easy and Safe Login

LogMe is a safe and easy authentication service to remote WEB sites




  • They try to steal password theft from user PC (imitation, key loggers, browser cash analyzers)
  • They try to match password's lexical algorithms
  • They try to steal passwords from WEB service servers
  • They try to attack email accounts 




  • Using one simple password alone is not secure enough anymore
  • Passwords should be unique for every user account and so complicated, that users wouldn't even be able to remember them
  • Authentication should be based on certificates, which are located in a separate hardware
  • User must not know the key of certificate
  • Certificate must never leave the device's secure memory in unencrypted form
  • Device must be secure and very easy to use




LogMe is a combination of various techniques and logins to different web services. There are three different authentication options available:


1) LogMe Password Authentication. This is typical login to various web services with just a password. The password is stored in the secure memory of the Flak Secuter. If needed, the Secuter can generate the unique passwords itself. The user does not need to remember the passwords; it can be easily selected from list stored on Flak.

2) LogMe Mutual SSL Certificate Authentication (coming soon). In this case the mutual SSL authentication of a user and the site is used. User is authenticated by client SSL certificate instead of the password and the private key is stored in the secured memory of the Secuter. Private key never leaves the hardware, all the operations with it are done in the Secuter itself. Client certificate can be either generated by Flak Secuter or generated by Web Services and stored in Flak Secuter. Web services site is authenticated by site certificate stored in the secured memory of Flak Secuter. Only public keys are stored on the server side and stealing them is not going to do hackers any good.

3) LogMe 2 or more Factor Authentication. This is the option to be used when connecting to existing authentication system, such as Google 2-step verification with FIDO U2F. LogMe increases the security of the authentication. One time passwords (HOTP and TOTP ) can be used. Read more about FIDO U2F