How to Install Certificates

Manage Certificates

Congratulations! You are the owner of a Flak. We assume that you have already did go through the installation of Flak on PC/Laptop. If not, please look here.

You need to have site's certificate installed in order to use LogMe. Note: LogMe is available only for users of Flak Classic Business edition. All our faithful users did get to upgrade their Flak devices to the cool Business edition of Flak for free!! All you would need to do is to run the Flak update to see if this applies to you.

Note: full functionality of Flak, including LogMe function, is not available for Mac OS devices yet.

1. We assume, that

a) you have already registered on the cloud services providers site that supports OpenID digital identity.

b) you have received a user's digital certificate and it's located either in the folder on the disk or is installed in the browser

c) you have a password to export your certificate

d) registered your Flak

For example, when you sign up with StartSSL, you receive a digital certificate, which is installed in your computer.

Sign up


Sign up

2. If you have the certificate stored on a disk already, then skip parts 2 and 3, otherwise 

a) In Chrome: Go to Settings, click on Advanced Settings and in section HTTPS / SSL click on Manage certificates

b) In Firefox: Go to Options, then Advanced, select Certificates tab and then click on View Certificates

c) in Explorer: Go to Tools, Internet Options, Content and click on Certificates.

3. Find the cloud services provider's certificates and export both the certificate and the private key to the location on the disk - you would get a file with the extensions .pfx or .p12.

4. Insert your Flak into the USB port.

Inserting Flak

5. Open the web browser (there are no limitations for Web browsers, except for Internet Explorer, only versions 9.0 and newer are supported)

6. Type in the browser and press Enter.

Login screen

7. Type your PIN code.

8. The Flak Web interface would appear.

Flak Web

9. Click on Easy Login. You will be taken to the Certificates Management page.



10. To add a new certificate click on Certificates.

If you have already registered your Flak, then you will see the Flak certificate in the list. You can't delete this certificate.



11. To add a new certificate Click on black box with 3 white dots.


EasyLogin Certificates


Select the folder on the disk where the certificates are, select a certificate (with .pfx or .p12 extensions) and press OK. You would see the certificate name on the screen. Press on Import. You will be asked to provide the password for certificate export.

12. Flak would restart and you would be taken back to the login screen.

Login screen

13. Type your PIN code.

14. The Flak Web interface would appear.  Flak Web

15. Click on Easy Login, then on Certificates. Check that your certificate is in the list of certificates. 

16. Go back to Easy Login screen by pressing Back and then click on Servers.

17. For the imported certificate to function properly you need to add the server (aka the web address). Write down your server name in the form (omit www.); click on Select Certificate, and select your imported certificate from the drop down list; click on Tap Flak to Authenticate and select either Yes (if you want to tap the Flak for authentication each time you log in to the Server web site) or No. Click on Import.  


You will be able to see the added to the server certificate in the list. Click on Back twice to go to the Flak main web interface.


18. Click on Red button on Easy Login section. The button would turn green.Easy Login19. Create a backup by copying the certificates from the folder on the disk you used either to the encrypted disk (use TrueCrypt for example), or burn them to the CD or copy to the USB disk, and then delete the certificates from the browser and the computer.

You are done! How to use LogMe with sites is described here.

Note: if you are not using LogMe very often or for better security we suggest switching the button on Easy Login on Flak Web back to red.


NOTE: Flak Secuter is designed so that you can only add and delete the certificates to Flak, it is not possible to extract/copy the certificates from Flak's secure memory to the disk. That's why we advise to keep a backup copy of the certificates in the secured location.


Flak Installation and Flak User Guides are available on your Flak drive under the folder Manuals and also available online here.