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If my Flak Secuter is stolen, what would happen to my private data stored in Flak?   There is no need to worry. If your Flak gets stolen or lost, the hacker would not be able to get to your private data. We use the system similar to SIM cards, if the person enters the 4-digit PIN code incorrectly three times, then Flak Secuter gets blocked. The person needs the enter the 4-digit PUK code. If the person enters the PUK code incorrectly three times, then Flak becomes a full brick.
How can I recover my data from the stolen device?   Still under development and testing. Restoring data is not an issue. Flak Secuter is to be backed up to the trusted secure cloud server in the encrypted form. To restore the data, the user would need to provide the PIN code and the information provided during the registration of the first Flak Secuter.
When will Flak Secuter be supported on Mac OS?   Currently we only support FIDO U2F protocol for Mac OS ver 10.10 Yosemite. Beta driver for Mac OSis still under development
I reinsterted the Flak and tapped on it to register Flak as a security key in Google, but it's not working!   Due to additional functionality Flak requires a bit more time, we suggest you insert the Flak first into the USB port and then start the process of adding Flak as a security key. There is no need to reinsert the Flak as the Google page says.
How does one work with Free Flak Android SDK?   The instructions on how to work with a Free Flak Android SDK are included in the Flak Android SDK ver 0.9 beta package, which can be downloaded here.
When I type http://myflak.com to manage Flak, does this mean that I basically connect to your website and manage my Flak from there?   No. You are managing your Flak interface directly. You can do the trick - disconnect the Internet and see that your Web Interface page is still there.
I have been working with your device for some time now and all of the sudden, I get no Internet, when I plug in Flak.
  If you have been working with VirtualBox recently, then there is a possibility that VirtualBox NDIS6 Bridged Networking Driver has also been installed. There are reports that this driver can be in conflicts with some other drivers. To fix this, go to Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center and click on your main connection, then on Properties. Find the VirtualBox NDIS6 Bridged Networking Driver and disable it. Click on OK and Close.