Why should I trust a Flak ? | Digital Privacy

Flak Secuters are all-in-one security devices which are designed to protect digital identity of its owner from any kinds of Internet threats. At the same time, contrary to what some may think, Flak Secuters do not have access to user’s data or neither do they send any user's data to Flak Servers

Here are some hard facts about Flak Secuters.




  • We believe in a combination of hardware and software to achieve the best security results. Our middleware and hardware security components embedded in Flak Secuter come with Common Criteria EAL 5+ certificates.  Common Criteria EAL 5+


  • Flak Secuter can establish a network connection with application servers only, such as VPN or software update server. If these options are switched off by user in the Flak Web interface, then no network connections are established.


  • Flak Secuter lets the user make the choice which VPN server from the list to use.  It can either be one of the DigiFlak proprietary or partner VPN servers, or the user’s own (personal, company, etc).r


  • All the user related information is stored in the protected memory of the Flak Secuter in an encrypted form.  The encryption is done with a private and unique for each user key.  The key is automatically generated by embedded hardware random generator during the first installation of the Flak Secuter using the information entered by user during registration.


  • DigiFlak does not store any user related data on its servers except the billing related information.